To benefit from a medicine, whether it is an allergy medicine or antibiotic or an analgesic, it has to be used the right way. Since allergy sufferers should ideally have their medicine handy at all times, they should be thorough about all things like its availability, dosage, efficacy, and side effects. Remember that using an allergy medicine the wrong way could turn out to be worse than not medicating at all. Using the following guidelines will help you in getting the best out of your medicines.

Communicate with your doctor

Allergy medicine can be a prescription drug or over the counter medicine. If it is a prescription drug, it will be your doctor who would be prescribing it. When he does it, talk to him about your medical history, and ask him everything about how that particular medicine is likely to work or how long you will have to wait to see the results. You can also ask him about the side effects of the medicine and the possible repercussions of its long term usage.

If you are using an over the counter allergy medicine, it may not be possible to clarify your doubts with a doctor, but still you can ask a lot of things to the pharmacist of the store from which you are buying it. He will be able to tell you how a particular allergy medicine will be effective for your problem and what possible side effects it could have in the background of your age and medical history.

Use the right dosage

When your allergy medicine is a prescription drug, the doctor would obviously have prescribed the dosage. Follow his instructions correctly both in the timing of taking the medicine and the quantity of the medicine. When it is over the counter medication, finding out the right dosage is more important since you will not be getting any separate dosage instructions. You can check with the pharmacist and also follow the instructions given on the cover of the medicine.

Read the medicine literature

Whether you are using a prescription drug, or over the counter medicine, reading the instructions provided on the cover and also the detailed literature that comes with the medicine is always good. This is more important when you are using an over the counter allergy medicine. The literature can be very informative on the right use of it.

Even though much of it may be medical jargon beyond the comprehension of common man, there could still be quite a lot of information that can be gathered from reading it. Some of the literature that comes with an allergy medicine will contain specific instructions for helping the patients in using it.

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