There are many advantages to seeing an aesthetic doctor. You can prevent lines, sagging skin and wrinkles before they actually set in. You can control these signs of aging once they start to show. You can walk in looking your age and walk back out looking ten or more years younger. If you keep regular appointments with your doctor, you can keep that look over time. It is almost like you do not age with the passing of the years!

If you have made your first appointment or want to make that first appointment, what can you expect? This quick guide should calm your nerves and help you understand how most aesthetic doctors operate.

Initial Consultation

You will not walk into an aesthetic doctor’s office and immediately get into laser treatments, injections and hair restoration services. If that happens, it should make you feel uncomfortable and you should not go through with the procedures. A good aesthetic doctor will start off with a basic consultation. They will get to know you on a more personal level and completely understand your problem spots, concerns, and desires. They will also answer all of your questions so that you feel completely comfortable when it does come time to perform some type of procedure.

You should be prepared to give details of your medical background as well as complete information about your problems and concerns with your appearances or body. The more open and honest you are with the doctor, the better recommendations they can make to improve your problem areas. If you have a specific procedure you would like to have performed, your doctor will inform you if you are suited to that procedure or if something else may work better for you.

Try to stay open minded to what the aesthetic doctor recommends during this consultation. You may not know about all of the procedures they can perform, so they may know something that will deliver better results for you than the procedures you are already seeking. If you are not well suited to a particular procedure, your doctor will explain why and offer alternative forms of treatment that may suit you better.

You will also get information regarding the cost of services at this consultation. Some doctors are able to provide financing and other alternative payment arrangements, but many are not. You can ask questions about this during the consultation if you are worried about expenses. At least you will know what you need done and what that will cost after this first appointment.

Scheduling Procedures

You should learn about the length of time needed to perform different procedures during your consultation appointment. Once you have the money secured for your treatments and are sure you are ready to begin, you can schedule an appointment to have the procedures started. Most procedures will involve follow-up appointments or repeat treatments, and you may be able to schedule them all in advance so you can plan ahead of time.

It is important to arrive at your appointments on time, so you do not hold up the doctor in treating other patients. Many aesthetic procedures are fairly quick to perform and many allow you to simply walk out of the office with little to no visual sign of having something done.

You may be nervous walking into your first aesthetic doctor appointment, but remember that it is just a consultation. If you do not like the doctor for some reason or feel uneasy, you are not obligated to schedule actual procedures.

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